Friday, December 19, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || Red, White, Green

There is an apparent lack of snow in my new location. I'm not sure how much I like it yet. I'll get used to it, I'm sure. Once I have a job and realize that I don't need to shovel my way out of the driveway twice a week or start my car at least 15 minutes before leaving, I know I'll appreciate it. Snow sure does make things look awfully pretty though.

The feeder has been crowded with birds lately and I've enjoyed watching them coming and going, darting back and forth to eat the sunflower seeds. Once in a while a Downy Woodpecker will stop by for a few seconds and sometimes I can hear a Nuthatch tapping it's beak on the roof storing a seed under the shingles. I think I like watching the Cardinals the best. They are so beautiful!

Here is a bit of festive fun! My husband and I built a gingerbread house. We were "discussing" if we should decorate it then set it up, or set it up first and then decorate. We ended up setting it up first just to have the extra challenge of trying to decorate without knocking anything over. He mostly set up the walls and I mostly made it look pretty. It was definitely a team effort.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || Girls in White Dresses

This is going to have to be short today because I just cast on a Christmas project and I am such a slow knitter.

In Monday's post I said that I used Edelweiss Pattern's Liesl's Party Dress patter to make my wedding dress. I did not add the lower sleeve puff and I lengthened the skirt. I went to a seamstress to have it fitted because I only started using a machine a few years ago and am just not confident enough to make any important alterations yet.  I had some pictures on a camera card of constructing the entire dress but I can't seem to find them right now! 

This is the full dress before I put in the zipper and without the pearl bead sash. It was so much fun to sew and to see the whole thing come together. I had just guessed at the amount of fabric I would need to lengthen the skirt and I was so surprised when I ended up having the perfect amount with enough scraps left over to make a ring bearer pillow! 

This is just before walking down the aisle. I was trying to pin a broken pendant with an edelweiss flower to my bouquet when my mother snapped this picture. My veil is home sewn as well. Just a couple yards of 108 inch wide tulle and about 8 yards of satin ribbon. My mother in law gave me some pretty silver and pearl combs that I used to hold the veil in my hair. The metal combs didn't hold securely enough to make me feel like the veil wouldn't fall off, so I also ended up using the plastic comb from my mother's wedding veil that she had worn 30 years earlier when she got married at the same church.

I really need to thank Katrina of Edelweiss Patterns who made this beautiful dress pattern (And perhaps even Dorothy Jeakins, the Sound of Music costume designer.) ;) Cheryl, the seamstress who fitted and hemmed my dress was so sweet and full of lots of encouragement and tips for my future sewing!

Monday, December 8, 2014


Well, after about an 8 week break, I'm back. The reason from my long break? I got married! 

I was in a long distance relationship for 5 years and engaged for just under two months. We had actually talked about getting married less than one month after we started dating and both agreed that we would want a short engagement if we decided to get married some day. God's timing is certainly best. We never would have thought that after waiting 5 years to get engaged that we would be married less than two months afterwards. 

Following the wedding I moved more than 300 miles, so I'm still trying to get my bearings straight here, but there are a few posts in the works. I sewed my wedding dress from Edelweiss Pattern's Liesl's Party Dress. I added wedding/love Bible verses to the backs of index card sized painting of bluebirds that are pictured in another post on here, and there may be a tutorial for a blue bird banner.

The past few months have been an incredible journey and I'm very excited to share some of that with all of you in the upcoming posts!

I'm still planning on keeping my Tuesday and Friday schedule, so please subscribe and check back for new posts! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

I'll Be Back

You read that title in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice, didn't you?

Hello, I'm still around.  Well, not here at the moment. I have been very busy but it's going to be about another six (plus or minus a couple) weeks of silence and then I plan to be posting regularly again.  

If you're interested, I did write a guest post for Paige over at Sunday Best and All the Rest: Style for Real Life. So if you've missed me you can go check out that post on her blog and you should definitely take a look at the rest of her blog while you're over there!

Friday, September 19, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || One of My Favorite Photos

It's true, there was no Tuesday post this week. So don't worry, you didn't miss anything and now Friday has come around again.

Photography has been a hobby of mine off and on over the years. I do it mainly for the memories and not so much for the artistic side of it. Once in a while I will take a picture and it really surprises me how it turns out. It may not be vibrant and colorful, and it may not be perfectly in focus, but there's something that is slightly out of the ordinary. 
Almost being able to relate to a snail's perspective might be what I find out of the ordinary in this picture. They move so slowly and this one had already been traveling for quite some time. It was fun getting this shot. I almost walked past the tiny creature but saw it inching it's way along the sand with a long trail behind it so I put my camera low to the ground to capture the moment and the memory.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful:
The Lord God made them all.

-Cecil F. Alexander

Friday, September 12, 2014

Making Tea

A few years ago I used to have a blog about tea. We had an abundance of tea in one of the kitchen cabinets in a wide variety of flavors. I would make a cup of tea and then give a short review on it. I did some research on each tea I tried like where it originated, how it would traditionally be served, and the way the leaves were cut, etc. Needless to say, I got tired of drinking tea pretty quickly and found out that I can't stand berry flavored herbal tea. Blech!

 This post isn't about that though. This post is just an observation on the very basics of making tea.

You've made a cup of tea before, right? Maybe you're drinking one while reading this post. It's September 12th. Perhaps that's still a little early for tea drinking weather. At any rate, when the weather gets chilly nothing can top a warm cup of tea.

My heating method of choice is the microwave. I bought a mini kettle last year with the intention of boiling water on the stove top for my tea, but I was never patient enough for that. If I'm in a rush I'll put the teabag in before I put the water in the microwave and if I time I'll heat the water first and then watch the tea seep out of the bag as it brews to perfection.

Then you wait.

If I had to wait for water to boil, then for tea to cool, I probably will have gotten some milk and cookies in the meantime and not be thirsty anymore. But, here's the catch with waiting for tea to cool.

Tea only has a peak drinking time of about 10 minutes. This 10 minutes is never completely enjoyed because you can never catch a few of those elusive moments of temperature perfection either because you sipped to soon and then feel, but don't taste, the slightly cooler tea washing over your tongue only moments later or, you got too into a movie, conversation, work, etc. that you missed the final moment when the last few sips of your tea could have been thoroughly enjoyed and you could feel it's warmth radiate to your fingers and toes. Instead you get a bitter mouthful of cold watered down flavor of cow pasture.

So many things have peaks; foliage, songs, careers, life all of which should be through enjoyed.

I never any good at writing conclusions to English compositions and I'm just rambling now anyway. I hope you enjoyed the somewhat satirical post about making tea.

Please, if you're a tea drinker, let me know your favorite kind of tea! I still like to try new flavors now and then. My favorite is Trader Joe's Ginger Pear White Tea.

This is sassafras tea. Homemade from boiling tree roots picked from the yard.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Tuesday Cables / Handmade Wardrobe Series: Blue and Yellow

Thank you VERY MUCH to those who voted last week! I love the input! It looks like outfit 2 was the favorite last week! I was pleasantly surprised!

One color combination that I have always liked is blue and yellow. A few years ago when my mom repainted the bathroom she also took down the yellow shower curtain which quickly made it's way into my fabric stash awaiting it's fate to be found in a plethora of pinterest patterns. 

It wasn't very long before I found a circle skirt pattern just perfect for the light, well draping fabric!  

I didn't add a zipper to this skirt, just an elastic waistband that is installed in a very funky way. I hadn't been sewing for very long prior to making this, so it's got a few quirks and  odds mistakes that just make it mine. The other major quirk besides the elastic is the very uneven hem. I just tell myself it gives the skirt a little more of a bohemian look.

1. For a casual look I paired it with my chambray shirt. I tried it tucked in with a wide belt but decided I liked it better untucked which looks more casual and is SO comfortable anyway. I put on my off white flats because I felt like any of my dark shoes would look odd with the rest of the very light colored outfit.

2. I dressed up the skirt with a work outfit. The yellows in the cowl neck tee I'm wearing aren't the same shade as the skirt, but the skirt still makes them stand out well without clashing and the royal blue cardigan is already one of my favorite pairings with this skirt! I put on the only high heeled sandals I own to add to the formal look. 

3. While trying on different combos I put together a third outfit with this skirt! 
You could say this outfit sort of kills two birds with one stone because I sewed the shirt too! I used Simplicity 1692, Vintage 1940s tops, top C. The 'making of' story behind this shirt will be in a later post. I think this particular outfit may be a new favorite of mine. But don't let that sway your vote! 

Sorry they're a little blurry this week. Especially the first set. My camera was just not into cooperating a couple of days ago! 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || Audio Books and Crochet

After finishing thirty hours in three days between both jobs, I am finally relaxing listening to Heidi by Johanna Spyri and crocheting. Enjoying books this way has become one of my favorite pastimes recently. 

I love "reading" books that movies I have seen are based on. I am also currently reading, print version, An English Governess at the Siamese Court: Being Recollections of Six Years in the Royal Palace at Bangkok by Anna Harriette Leonowens. The autobiographical version of The King and I. My favorite part so far was finding out that when the king asked Anna how old she is she really answered that she's 150 years old! She writes a lot about the history of Siam as well as her own experiences in teaching the royal children and some of the king's wives. It's very interesting!

Crocheting Cables. I've got quite a bit more to do, but it should move along quickly. I'll post some more once everything is finished and hopefully there will be an etsy update too, :)

What are your favorite books that you've also seen the movie version of?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Cables / Handmade Wardrobe Series: Stripes

Welcome to my new Handmade Wardrobe Series. Each week I'm going to pick an article of clothing that I have made and try to come up with at least 2 outfits for each then ask you, lovely readers, to pick which outfit you like better. Sound fun? Let's get started!

In the break room at work we have a "free bin" if you have something you don't want, clothes, jewelry, kitchenware, light bulbs...anything! can leave it in the free bin. I check it every now and then to see if there is something in there that I can restyle. Recently I found a brown/multi colored halter neck sundress with a smocked waist. I picked it up, looked it over and my brain said, "Ah! Skirt! Easy peasy lemon squeezy!" So I stuffed it in my tote, brought it home and let it sit, nicely folded, on my floor for a few weeks. 

When I finally go around to sewing all I did was cut off the fabric above the smocked waistband, fold the waist band over, and sew. I left about two inches open so I could put in the elastic that I had measure around my waist. I should mention here that the smocking was made with elastic thread, but it was very over stretched already. So, elastic in, ends sewn, slit sewn. Boom- skirt!

Now, what to wear it with. Sigh. This was challenging and part of the reason why I chose this piece for the first post in the series. I'm not too sure about either of these outfits. I may decide to narrow the skirt at some point to make it more pencily and not so flowy but that project is not on my radar right now, so I'm working with what I've got here. What do you think? Outfit A or Outfit B?

A. I knew I wanted one dressier look for work, this is what I came up with. The colors in the stripes proved to be pretty difficult to match with anything in my closet! This isn't too formal looking at all but is definitely nice enough to be work appropriate for the library.

B. Graphic tees and skirts is a combo that I have never tried. I was actually looking for a red sweater to wear, but I couldn't find it. When I saw this red shirt I thought I might as well try it on. While he red is not an exact match, the colors of the cars really make some of the other stripes stand out really well!

Let me know what you think of this series. (And, of course, which outfit you like best!) Do you think I should include my own thoughts on my outfits? Would you like me to list where I got the other pieces of each outfit from?

Saturday, August 30, 2014

One Yard Yoga Waist Skirt Tutorial

What you'll need:
1 yard of 58 inch width knit fabric
Sewing machine
Ballpoint needle
Measuring tape
Waist measurement
Hip measurement

This skirt is pretty simple to sew and should work for hip sizes up to about 50 inches. The smaller the hip size, the closer the gathers will be. I hope my tutorial explain the process well enough. This skirt can easily be completed within a couple of hours. 

I love that this skirt can be worn at the waist or just above the hips and that it has absolutely no elastic band! The stretch of the knit is enough to make an extremely comfortable waistband!

Start by measuring around the narrowest point of your waist and the widest part of your hips. Write down your measurements.

1. Measure 12 inches down on fold. (This is the height of your waistband). Divide your waist measurement by 2. Measure across from fold. (This is the width of your waistband). Cut.

2. With right sides together, sew up the end opposite the fold. 

5. Cut 12inch section remaining from cutting out waistband from the remaining fabric so you have a straight edge again. Save for scraps.

6. With right sides together, a sew remaining portion of fabric together on selvage edges. I zigzag stitched my edges here after straight stitching for a little extra security in the seam.

7. Thread a hand sewing needle with a length of thread about 4 inches more than your waist measurement. Tie the thread about a 1/2 inch from raw edge and as close to the seam as you can get it. (You will want to do this on the end of your skirt that has the more uneven corners at the seam since you won't be hemming the bottom.)

8. Gather the edges by making basting stitches between 1/4 and 1/2 inch long around the entire top of the skirt.

9. Divide your hip measurement by 2. Before your tie off the other end of your thread, lay skirt flat and pull thread until the width matches this measurement. Hello!

10. Tie off thread securely and then straight stitch around with your machine to secure the gathers, evenly distributing them as you go.

11. Fold waistband over, wrong sides together.

12. Place waist band inside of skirt, with the wrong side of your skirt facing out. Stretch waistband to fit skirt and pin in place.

13. Stretch while sewing to match up all three raw edges. Zigzag stitch around.

Enjoy your new skirt!

I guess I got a little lazy with the picture taking for steps 11 and 12. Oops! 

As always, feel free to comment or email me (thewizardofoddsandends (at) gmail (dot) com) with any questions about the tutorial and I will do my best to clarify any areas that seem confusing. I would love to see your skirt if you make one!! @wizofoddsnends on twitter and @thewizardofoddsandends on IG.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Randomly Selected

Hello, how was your Friday this week? 
For today's post I wasn't sure what to post about. In fact I may do away with Favorite Things Friday altogether. Well, not altogether. It may make an appear niece every now and then but I think Fridays will just be my random day and of course Tuesday will always be craft oriented in some way. Things are changing slightly. Just   Getting a head start on my fall cleaning by starting with the blog, I guess.

So, because I had no clue what to post about I decided to scroll through the 785 photos on my iPad and post whichever one my finger landed on. I expected it to be some embarrassing selfie or a classic Hollywood photo. Nope. It's a sunset from my bedroom window where I used to live in Maine. Pretty, huh? Don't let the trees fool you. I lived in a neighborhood development and could see about 16 houses from my back porch. It was a nice place to grow up. I'm getting all nostalgic in my mind, but it's not translating to my fingers. 

For the beauty of the earth,
   For the glory of the skies,
For the Love which from our birth
   Over and around us lies:
Lord of all, to Thee we raise
   This our hymn of grateful praise.

~Folliot S. Pierpont~

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tuesday Cables || One of Those Posts Again...

Yet again, it's late Tuesday night and I'm taking a grainy picture with my iPad and trying to bring spur of the moment ideas to life. That's basically the general process of how each post comes into being. I'll get a little more organized someday, I hope.

The spur of the moment idea is a new series for Tuesdays. Life is getting busier. I have a 45 hour work week between both jobs next week. That is a 17 hour jump from what I will be working this week! The influx of posts that I thought might happen, well, that was before I check my schedule!  Anyway, I thought a series would be good. Something I can write a post for any day when I have some free time. Check back next Tuesday for something both fashion and crafting related. I'm pretty excited about it!

Here's a fun little survey in the meantime.
1. What is the closest thing to you right now that is red? A stitch counter. Seriously. 

2. What is your ring tone? I always have my phone on vibrate. It was Moon River on my old phone.

3. What color is your favorite pillow? Um, white. My pillow cases vary. I use two pillows and don't have any matching pillowcases so they're always different colors. I don't have a favorite. I love both my pillows equally.

4. Is there an animal that creeps you out? Yeah! Aye-ayes. That one long claw they have...their faces...their fur...pardon me while I shudder. 

5. Ever have stitches? Only when I had my wisdom teeth removed.

6. Have you ever seen northern lights? Yes, faintly one Halloween they were visible I don't really remember it all that well though. 

7. Are you wearing nail polish? Yep, on my toes, L'oreal Lacey Lilac. 

8. What shoes did you wear today? Men's sneakers. When I got hired at JoAnn Fabrics I needed comfortable black shoes. K-Mart didn't have any women's sneakers in black and I didn't have anytime to shop around. They're really comfortable though!
9. What’s one thing you’re really good at cooking? Ha! I like baking treats, which I do more often than "cooking" meals and stuff. I love using our 1950s cookie press to make orange shortbread cookies. I haven't done it for a while though. I'm not patient enough to let the dough chill long enough.

10. What is your dream job? I always wanted to do musical theatre but I get way too nervous at auditions. I recently found out that you can apprentice to become a seamstress so I think I will be looking into that pretty soon!

11. Where were you 3 hours ago? Eating supper in my room and checking Facebook. 

12. Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you? Ha! My room is pink! I'm pretty sure all 4 walls are within 10 feet of me.

13. What are you wearing right now? Bright coral-y orange sweat pants and a New York City T-shirt.

14. Have you bought any clothing items in the last week? No, but I made one.

15. What do you want to know about the future? I'll leave that in Gods hands.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

~Outfit Post~More Paisley

Lately I've been sewing a lot and finding myself doing random things and thinking, "Oh, I'd like to share that...Hm, that would be fun to post about." So if things from The Wizard of Odds and Ends start popping up on your reading list more often than Tuesday and Friday it's just me letting my fingers go crazy on the keyboard, well, touch screen. Still saving up for a laptop. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what may turn out to be an influx of posts in the next couple of weeks!

In a previous post I had mentioned that I had sewn a few things lately, so I thought I'd do an outfit post instead of making it a Tuesday Cables post like last week. I'm hoping to post a tutorial for this skirt at some point. It's written out, I just didn't plan on making a tutorial when I sewed the skirt so there aren't any pictures!! I'm excited to have to make another one!

My shirt is a little big and the shade doesn't really go with a lot of my clothes, but when I finished sewing this skirt I knew it would match almost perfectly and since I could tuck it in it wouldn't look quite so baggy and shapeless.

I loved the fall hues in the paisley and how the black background made the bright colors pop even more!

This skirt is so comfortable because it's made out of knit fabric. I didn't even have to hem it! This is definitely going to be worn many times in the next few months!

Shirt: J.Jill / $0.21
Skirt: Made by me / $5
Sandals: TJ Maxx / $15
Bracelets: Gift

Friday, August 22, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || The Library

For those of you who have been reading this blog for a while, you probably already know that I work at a library. I'm not sure if I've mentioned before that it's a children's library. I love it there. Being a library assistant is definitely my favorite job ever! I thought it might be fun to give you a little peek at one of the projects I was working on today.

With school starting up in less than a week, story times will begin again as well. I lead a story time for ages 2 through 4. The first day, wait, every week of story time is nerve wracking. I don't know why I get nervous before every single story time, but I do! Anyway, one of the fun things I get to prepare ahead of time is name tags for the kids. I won't know their names until sign up starts, of course, but it is fun to be able to choose what the name tags will be and how to make them. 

Last session I printed up a bunch of bees and just colored them in. The session before that it made alien name tags to go with our outer space themed week. This time we'll have a dog themed week during the session so I found a clip art picture of a dog that looked like it could easily be made into cutouts. I rubbed pencil on the back of the picture and traced the pieces onto some old cardstock from the card catalog.  Tracing and cutting the construction paper pieces was probably the most tedious part because I had to do 30 ears and paws and eyes! Don't you think they turned out pretty cute though?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Cables || Paisley

Back in February I mentioned that I'd bought a serger. I used it to sew a dress (and many more things since then) that turned out a little too big for me. I let it sit for the past six months and just a few days ago took it out of my closet and decided to fit it. I don't have much experience fitting things. At all. I put the dress inside out on my dress form and pulled the side seams until the dress was snug and pinned it together. Next, I followed the pins with a chalk liner and serged the new edges. It fit perfectly! 

I wish I had taken pictures of the process, but I only have a couple of outfit pictures from after church. I used a paisley quilting cotton that I can't remember the name of now. I'm getting a little braver with prints and vintage inspired. This is a very busy print, but I'm happy with how the dress turned out, even though it took six months to finish.  

Last week I went a little crazy with sewing and made a couple other articles of clothing. I haven't had a chance to take pictures of them yet, so check back next week to see what else I've made. :)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Favorite Things....Friday/Saturday

Not much to say. I'm working on plenty for a Tuesday post and loving it! Lots of classic movie watching along with pattern cutting, sewing, etc. I've already finished a shirt. That's not pictured because it's in the dryer. Here is my mess right now. I'm going to need to vacuum later!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Tuesday Cables || Scarves and Satin Binding

A few weeks ago I posted a photo of fabric I was going to use to make a blanket for my nephew. I finished it shortly after and gave it to hi for his birthday! This was the first blanket I ever made with batting! One of my co workers was marvelous in suggesting different ways I could make the blanket. I ended up choosing what I thought was the simplest way, but goodness, tying every other square was a tedious job, thought it was well worth it! 

Around the same time I made the blanket a coworker at the library asked if I could alter some scarves for her. She didn't like the width of them and wondered if I could cut each scarf in half and hem up the edges. The fabric proved to be a little bit difficult to work with so I kept trying different stitches and methods of hemming on one scarf until I got it! She picked out some beautiful scarves! I loved sewing them! She also let me keep the other halves of the scarves which was SO generous of her!

Side note about my "Checking In" post: I totally forgot to write 10 questions for the Liebster Award! I didn't officially nominate anyone either, so I guess that' short of okay. Ha, I feel so silly about it though. The Summer Reading Program is over now so hopefully I can collect my thoughts and the remainder of my sanity and work on my blog a little more!

Do you know how to run a sewing machine? How old were you when you learned?
Have you ever handmade a gift for anyone? (It can be anything, doesn't have to be sewn.)

Friday, August 8, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || Food

How's that for an alliteration?
Our fridge has been on the fritz for a month and can't be fixed. ;) (FYI don't buy Whirlpool.) Their customer service  even told our appliance repairman over the phone that he soldered something wrong and that's why the fridge wouldn't work after waiting two weeks for the parts to come in. Just one look at their facebook page shows that repairmen all over the country must be soldering things wrong...or something is wrong with the refrigerators Whirlpool manufactures. Hmm...oh well. Thankfully, Lowes gave us a loaner fridge in the meantime. Grocery shopping will happen tomorrow after the new fridge is delivered, however there was the slight issue of what to have for dinner tonight. Some sort of take out was the plan.

I worked all day at the library today and was pretty hungry. I looked in all of the cabinets and saw about half a box of spaghetti. Alfredo was the first thing that popped into my mind. I used Dawn Carter's Quick and Easy Alfredo  Sauce recipe from It just so happened that we still had all of the ingredients even with shopping day tomorrow!

It was delicious! And very quick and easy to make, just like the recipe says it is! We had some leftover mushrooms from part of another recipe. My mom suggested I add those to the alfredo which was a fantastic idea! I also added a can of chicken and heated up some beets and we had a quick, easy, and delicious dinner!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Checking In

For months I had been planning on blogging while my nephew was here and that obviously didn't happen. I'm sorry, but not sorry and not in a rude way.

The past couple of weeks I really had hoped to blog. Meeting my first nephew for the first time for his first birthday was amazing! He lives 3,000 miles away so I just soaked up every minute! Every cuddle, every coo, every squeal, and every smile. There were so many smiles!

Thank you all for being so understanding. Things should be back to normal here on the blog by next Tuesday.

A while ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award again by Paige of Style For Real Life and Ireland of Ireland Rhea, so here are their questions and my answers. :)

Paige's Questions

1) What is the long term goal for your blog?
Honestly, I would hope that even more people would enjoy it and give comments and suggestions, etc. on my posts, but one long term goal I may take some flack for is wanting to be able to pay at least one bill (aka medicine) with the income from people clicking on ads. That would be great mainly because I know blogging is something I can do if I have a UC flare and can't actually get to work.

2) What have you enjoyed the most about blogging so far?
I LOVE being able to write about things I enjoy and love seeing the comments from people who enjoy reading my posts! :) 

3) Peanut butter + chocolate or mint + chocolate?
Mint and chocolate, no contest!!

4) For your birthday, would you rather have your mom or sister 
cook you special meal or go out to eat?
We usually order Chinese food, so it's kind of a combo of the two. No family member cooks for me, but we don't go out. 

5) Series or stand alone books?
I enjoy series, but I don't read much and often go long stretches between books.

6) What version of the Bible do you prefer?
I have an NKJV teen study Bible that I LOVE! Currently reading NIV though. 

7) Do you journal your studies in scripture?
No, but I do quite a bit of underlining and a little writing in the margins of my Bible.

8) If you were to host a period costume event, what era would it be?
Either 1860s or 1940s.

9) Do you spend your day in bare feet, socks, or shoes?
Mostly socks if I'm just around the house.

10) If you could have a gift card to any clothing store, including online, what would it be for? Eshakti, I think.

11) If I were to visit you in your hometown, what would be the first place you'd want me to see? The library! It's so cool!

Ireland's Questions

1. What is your eye color?

2. How do you feel about pink?
I don't mind it. I have had both a bright pink (by choice at age 13) and a pale pink (color it was when we moved in) room. Though just before we moved I had repainted my room to a light blue/gray.

3. Are you a techie?
No, I am a strong believer in googling to solve tech problems though.

4. What's your life philosophy?
John 3:16

5. How would you describe yourself in three words?
I'm just me. :)

6. Do you have Netflix?

7. What was the last thing you ate?
Crunch Berries Cereal.

8. Out of anyone in the world (survival experts excluded), who would you choose to be stranded on an island with?
Hm....this is such a difficult one. Moses? He lead a whole nation of people through the wilderness for 40 years. ;)

9. What's in your purse right now?
Wallet, gum, phone, camera. I know there's more, but I can't think of it off the top of my head.

10. What famous female figure, dead or alive, would you like to have over for tea?
I can't decide between Mary or Martha.

11. Which book character would you change lives with for a week?
Jo March.

I would like to nominate my readers who also blog for this award. I know there are a few of you whose blogs I have yet to really discover in depth. So please, feel free to post your blog name and a link in the comments!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || What's in My Makeup Bag 2 of 2

There are two more weeks of the Summer Reading Program. After that is over, things should start to slow down at work and these posts should actually go up on Fridays!

Continuing on with the list...
You can follow the link to last weeks post for Part 1.

The brush I use to apply my eye shadow is in the previous picture and my E.L.F. Sheer Eyelid Primer fell out of my bag this morning and was on my headboard when I took pictures this evening. Oops! 
Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow Not Just Nudes: Although I am not yet confident with my eye shadow application skills, this is a nice ombré assortment to try different looks with, two have shimmer and two are matte. For everyday I mainly use my powder shadows because they are more subtle.
Maybelline Expert Wear Champagne Fizz: This eyeshadow I tend to just put on the inner corner of my eyes to brighten them but I have recently been using it on my entire lid with the darker color in the crease.
Covergirl Eye Enhancers Tapestry Taupe: I was just reading opinions of other bloggers on this shade. It's yet another shimmery product I use and I've been wanting to try some more matte things lately. That being said, all the reviews I could find on this were great! As you can see, I do like it. It's almost gone! I think I'm just wanting to try something new at this I've said so many times this post, ha!
Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof Mascara Brownish Black: I had the non-waterproof kind of this before and only bought the waterproof by accident. It turned out to be a happy accident. This stuff stays on ALL. DAY. If you happen to sleep with it on you'll probably have to clean up your lower eyelids a bit in the morning. (Not that I ever sleep with makeup on. ;) ) 
Almay Eyeliner Black Brown: This is one of those twisty eyeliners. Love them. They're easier to use than a traditional eye pencil but way more forgiving than using
 a gel or liquid liner. This one also comes with a sharpener on the end of it so you can make a finer point on the end if necessary. Ever since summer started I've kind of gotten lazy and have just been using mascara and no eyeliner.

Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo Spray: Having hair on the dry as a desert side of things I don't actually have to use this too often. If it's a particularly humid day And I haven't washed my hair for a couple of days I'll use it because it does absorb oils and really does get rid of the greasy feel and it smells great! A lot of dry shampoos will leave a powdery residue, but I don't really feel like this one does as much as some other brands. I just sprayed it on my hand to see if it left any powder, which it didn't, but WOW, it absorbs oils!
Paul Mitchell Express Style Round Trip: This is my favorite hairstyling product! If I scrunch my hair with this when it's damp it will curl and will stay curled for a couple of days! My hair does have a little natural wave to it so I don't know how it would work on very straight hair. This gel leaves curls feeling soft and natural and not stiff like hairspray would do.
L'oreal Nail Color Tangerine Crush: I really love coral colors right now. This is a bit more on the orange side of coral shades. It is so much fun to wear on fingers or toes in the summertime!
Essence Colour & Go That's What I Mint: This is one of the $1.99 polishes from Ulta. Don't let the price fool you. This shade (I can't vouch for others at the moment but would love a few more!) is long wearing, fast drying, and covers very well in just two coats. I've had it on my toes for almost a week before it chipped or began to wear off! It's highly comparable, even better in my opinion, to higher end nail polishes that I've tried.
Exclamation Cologne Spray: I don't wear perfume or body sprays too often but I think this one smells pretty. I am not good at describing scents, so here is the description from Walmart's site: "Exclamation is a sharp floral fragrance. This feminine scent possesses a blend of peach, apricot, amber, and sandalwood."
Olay Wet Cleansing Towlettes Sensitive: These are great! They remove almost all my makeup. I say almost because I do have a bit of a hard time getting all my waterproof mascara off. These wipes have no trouble at all taking off regular mascara. What I really like about them is that they are alcohol and fragrance free! My skin used to dry out when I used makeup remover that contained alcohol so it's really nice to just have it take off the makeup and not irritate my skin. It also doesn't sting to take off eye makeup anywhere near what it did when I used the wipes with alcohol in them! 

I hope you've enjoyed the lists of products that I use and enjoy. I would love to read some of your favorites in the comments! 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Cables || Keeping Myself in Stitches

The past week was full of stitches of all kinds. Thankfully none of said stitches are of the medical designation. 

When July 4th was coming up I decided some patriotic yarn stash busting would be quite appropriate! I always have an image in my head of being able to make a giant granny square afghan which, of course, is never the case with leftovers. I used three strands of yarn and just went around....asquare?...until I ran out! As you can see compared to my Clementine feet (Her shoes were number 9 ;) ) it's not very big, but it's a decent lapghan. I'm testing it out right now!

I also pulled out a counted cross stitch that I started a year and a half ago! I bought it at Hobby Lobby when I went to visit my friend in Jacksonville in January of 2013. I'm hoping to finish it soonish. More than a year is way too long to be working on a counted cross stitch that's only 5 by 7 inches. So, we shall see how this goes.

And lastly, I'm going to be making a blanket. One of my co workers who quilts gave me a quick rundown on working with batting, and tying, and binding, etc. I have a feeling YouTube is going to help out a great deal while I am constructing this blanket. Stay tuned!

Crochet stitches, cross stitches, and sewing stitches. Which type is your favorite?
Did any of you see the super moon the other night?! It was so cool!