Thursday, April 3, 2014

1 Button-Down | 3 Days | 3 Ways - Day 1

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Creations  by Callie:
Bramblewood Fashion:

Decisions, decisions: 
This was actually the second outfit I decided on. I'm not too sure about wearing it to work tonight since it's supposed to be 28*F and it's basically short sleeves, but the sweater is actually pretty warm! I know I won't be as comfortable in it working all day tomorrow and it's not an at home outfit like I can wear on Saturday.

The lowdown on the button-down:
This white and brown pinstriped shirt started is actually a men's medium dress shirt! I found it in a pile of clothes one of my brothers were getting rid of because it didn't fit him anymore. After asking the rest of the men in the house if they wanted it, which no one did, I put it on a hanger at the end of my closet where all my "projects" go. I wore it once with a belt around my waist and a pair of brown leggings but it was still very baggy and puffy above the belt. Finally, two nights ago, after it sat in my closet for about a year, I took in the sides which helped to give it a slightly more feminine shape. I got to use my serger, yay! It's still a little baggy,thought you can't tell from this outfit, but it looks more like it's supposed to be that way now than just looking like I'm wearing a shirt that's way too big.

The entire outfit:
These two tops I have never worn outside the house. I knew I wanted to layer the button-down with something, but didn't like anything I had tried on. Since the goal of this event is to stretch your wardrobe I decided I should try on a piece that had just been sitting around since I made it. I put on this crochet sweater that has a little sparkle in it, rolled up the sleeves of the button-down and liked how the two shirts looked together. 

The closely crocheted waistband of the sweater makes it look bulky in comparison to the lacy top and no matter what skirt I paired it with it looked a little funny. I knew then that I needed something more streamlined so the pencil skirt became part of the ensemble. The sweater tights and flats were a no brainier for warmth and comfort. I knew that the brown pinstripes were so dark that I could get away with wearing black, which is a good point about the versatility of this shirt!

What I'm wearing:
Button-down: Wrangler Jeans Co.: Free
Sweater: made by me, yarn : Gift
Skirt: Mossimo: $12 (just a guess...I needed a black skirt so I didn't pay close attention to price)
Sweater tights: J. Jill: Gift
Shoes: American Eagle by Payless: $13.99


  1. Wow! That is really cute! I love how you wore your button down with a sweater! <3

    1. Thank you!! I knew I needed layers today. We're just beginning to get some springlike weather in NH!!

  2. I am in awe that people make their own sweaters! :)

    1. It definitely takes practice and perseverance and a lot of ripping out and redoing stitches, but it's a lot of fun once things start looking like a sweater!

  3. Cute outfit!! I love the sweater combo too, I wish it was cool enough to wear mine still...I have some darling ones. Alas, it is already in the high 80s in Texas! :/ Looking forward to tomorrow's outfit!

    1. Thanks so much! I am so happy that it's starting to warm up during the day here! I was just a little cold taking pictures outside without a jacket today :)

  4. Oooh it's pretty! I've been looking through all of the linkups to this challenge, and yours is the first, I think, that has a button-down layered under a sweater!

  5. This is cute! :) I never would have guessed that was a men's shirt - nice job!

  6. So nice Jill! I love pin striping! :)
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