Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tuesday Cables || Keeping Myself in Stitches

The past week was full of stitches of all kinds. Thankfully none of said stitches are of the medical designation. 

When July 4th was coming up I decided some patriotic yarn stash busting would be quite appropriate! I always have an image in my head of being able to make a giant granny square afghan which, of course, is never the case with leftovers. I used three strands of yarn and just went around....asquare?...until I ran out! As you can see compared to my Clementine feet (Her shoes were number 9 ;) ) it's not very big, but it's a decent lapghan. I'm testing it out right now!

I also pulled out a counted cross stitch that I started a year and a half ago! I bought it at Hobby Lobby when I went to visit my friend in Jacksonville in January of 2013. I'm hoping to finish it soonish. More than a year is way too long to be working on a counted cross stitch that's only 5 by 7 inches. So, we shall see how this goes.

And lastly, I'm going to be making a blanket. One of my co workers who quilts gave me a quick rundown on working with batting, and tying, and binding, etc. I have a feeling YouTube is going to help out a great deal while I am constructing this blanket. Stay tuned!

Crochet stitches, cross stitches, and sewing stitches. Which type is your favorite?
Did any of you see the super moon the other night?! It was so cool!


  1. Wow, it looks like you've been busy! Your lapgan looks really cute. Did it keep you warm? :)
    The super moon looks awesome!
    So, I nominated you for another Liebster Award! :) If you decide you want to participate, see this link. http://styleforreallife.blogspot.com/2014/07/liebster-award_15.html

    1. Yes, my lapghan worked very well! I love the spaces between stitches because I like putting my toes through the blanket. That "sounds" weird typed out. Thanks so much for the double nomination! I'll definitely include it in a post soon!

    2. Haha, I get you. Just yesterday I was noting how fun it is to grab the dog's tiny legs between my toes. Now /that/ is wierd. ;)
      And you're welcome. :)

  2. The lapghan lools perfect.. Pretty colors too.
    You have a lot of projects going on. Can't wait to see them. Happy stitching.

    1. Thank, Judy! I ended up with another project after I went to work last Wednesday. I'll be talking about that in my post later today. ;)