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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Crazy Christmas Crafting

Well, well, Tuesday night again. It's pretty cold out tonight. I think the majority of the United States is pretty cold right now. Short story: I flew to Florida last January. I left there on a day when it was 70 something in Jacksonville and landed in Boston where is was exactly 2 degrees Fahrenheit!! 

In contrast to freezing-ness, something excellently toasty is this lovely little 28 square, scrap buster, crazy, granny square afghan. I was lazy and just sewed it together with a zigzag stitch. It turned out to be kind of fun looking and it's actually warmer than I expected it to be! That's great right now! I think the high on Thursday is only 17! 

I was also going to post a picture of a gift that I made for a friend, but I was on the phone with her today and told her about my blog. Since she may see this post, that plan is out now. She didn't know I had an etsy shop AND a blog. By the way, she's the one that thought up "The Wizard of Odds and Ends" name. See, she is an awesome friend!!

Just to tide you over until I can post that photo, here are a couple little treasures I found in one of my family's  ornament boxes. The fur trim is coming off of Santa's waist. Superglue would not even hold the trim down! Mrs. Claus is slightly worn and I think I'm going to attempt to do some minor repairs with some red sharpie, felt, and get a white pompon to cover her pseudo belly button. 
My mom thinks she saw the same ornaments in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but she's not completely sure. I can tell you this, nobody will get me to sit and watch it to find out. I'll watch Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, or Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney anytime I want to see a great Christmas movie but I will not waste two hours of my life watching Chevy Chase! Anyway. Rant over. Here's the cute Christmas Couple!

Monday, October 28, 2013

365 Crochet Square Challenge

Well, the posts here have not become daily. There are just not enough hours in the day! However, my posting in the "365 Crochet Square Challenge" album on Facebook has become an everyday occurance. Check that out here: 365 Crochet Square Album!

The book I'm using right now is 50 Fabulous Crochet Squares by Jean Leinhauser and Rita Weiss. Funny story: I've been thinking about how I'll have to finde patterns for 315 more squares after I go through this book. I figured I would have to search out a bunch individually online, but duh!...I work at JoAnn Fabrics! I actually sold a crochet square book today. Definitely going to buy one of those when I get closer to finishing this first book!

Here's one little preview of what's in the album so far!! 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Terrific Tuesday!

Well, well, just scratch what I said yesterday about "never" having to work on Tuesday afternoon. I forgot to knock on wood. Ha! Today I volunteered to cover for someone who went home sick. It is now 10pm and I've only been home for about an hour. I just finished dinner and, as you may have guessed, have made no further progress on skirt alterations.

Now, an announcement: I'm starting another project. Surprise! I have been wanting to do one of those "one granny square a day for a year" things for a while now but planned on beginning January 1st. Click here to see where I got the idea! It just so happens that someone returned a book today that I immediately checked in and then checked out to myself. (One of the perks of working at a library.) I think there is just enough time to finish a square tonight before I drift off to dreamland in preparation for another 9 hour day tomorrow. Hm...I still have to find 315 more square patterns. Hopefully my night is not swallowed up by becoming lost in a Pinterest vortex.

I'm kind of thinking these posts may become daily, as time permits, over the next 365 days. I'm excited to begin this project!