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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Resolution Part Two: Check!

     Just as the last line was spoken on the last episode of my Season Two DVD of the Dick van Dyke Show, I finished weaving in the ends of a blanket I had planned to have finished 6 months ago! The size goes a little funky. That seems to happen when I make blankets like this. It happened with a Judy Garland blanket I made too. I'm glad it's finished and that the picture is recognizable. It felt like I would never get through the whole entire blanket! 
     Last night at 11pm I had just finished weaving in ends on the back and my plastic yarn needle snapped in two. Luckily I pass a craft store on my way home from work at the library (but not a JoAnn's. Shhh! Don't tell my manager!). So I went in there and finally bought my very first metal yarn needles, which should last me forever, or however long it takes for me to lose them. 

Up next: No, not a work in progress, but a pattern I had been wanting to try and figure out for quite some time. Not because it's all that pretty, but because it's old fashioned. It's the vest Judy Garland wears when she sings "The Joint is Really Jumping Down at Carnegie Hall." I found a WHOLE PDF book of old Hollywood knit and crochet patterns via [This Shop] on Etsy. 

I think this will be a pretty quick project, then it's back to working on another unfinished blanket. Still, it's a really pretty blanket that I am excited about finishing up! I'll get into that a little more in next week's post. 

I'd also like to say thank you SO much to those of you who followed me on Facebook this week! Please, share my page with your friends too!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Short And Sweet

Today, or yesterday now, was a little crazy. I was just getting ready to update my blog. Of course as soon as I sat down my dad called and roughly 6,000,000 things happened at once and I had to start cooking supper. It was awesome. Breakfast for supper. That's simple enough, right? 
I started with the bacon. I cooked it in the oven which I had never done before. Of course the first batch out I tilted the broiler pan (I didn't broil it, that just lets the grease drain really well) and spilled hot grease all over the oven door and just a tiny bit on the element. The drops that hit the element smoked and I stood there frozen for a moment praying they would not catch on fire. I still had to clean up the good amount that spilled on the oven door. I turned off the oven, and turned on the cold water in the sink. I wiped the whole inside of the oven door with wads of paper towels then threw them in the sink under the cold water. My dad got home a few minutes after that incident, at that point I felt safe enough turning the oven back on and cooking the rest of the bacon. No fire ever occurred, thank goodness! Plus I managed to cook the pancakes on a griddle during this whole ordeal without burning them thanks to my lovely brother running into the kitchen when I called for him and flipping the pancakes for me.
Next, I took out a small sauce pan...I perfectly scrambled a dozen eggs in it.
Then, in a frying pan I started cooking scrapple at a slightly higher than recommended temperature. My dad suggested turn the knob exactly to medium instead of just above it. While I was turning the scrapple some grease popped and hit me just above my lip. There's not much of a visible mark but it does still sting a little bit. I was on the verge of tears at that point and my parents soon took over cooking in cast iron instead of all the little stainless pots and pans I was using. It was quite the experience.

Now I'm doing the sleepy head-bob as I type this, so here is a brief update. So far I've worked a little on two resolutions. Drawing and finishing my wips. I posted a picture that I had started drawing to instagram.

.....the next morning:
 I plan on finishing the drawing this weekend. Then no more drawing until all of the works on progress are complete! I finally started working on the NASCAR blanket again. It's a little wavy and off kilter, the blanket itself not just the image, but it should be fine as a blankie!! I think I've just got 16 rows to go!