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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Black Pants

I have two pairs of black pants that would be lovely for the winter months at my two new jobs where I don't actually have a set uniform at either! I'm so excited! No more polo shirt day after day after day! Finally some variety, which is ,indeed, the spice of life. 
(Now I will continue this post about two pairs of pants that are the same color. Uh...yeah...variety...)

As I was saying, these pants would be lovely for the winter months, they each need some minor alterations. One pair simply need to be shortened. The other pair needs the legs thinned? I'm sure there's a different word for that, but it's midnight and I'm just thinking about having to get up at 6:30am. To keep it simple for my own mind I just call it "taken up and taken in."  The latter pair is about  10 years old, has ridiculously wide legs and been on stage in many a high school chorus concert.

I just thought I would post a short, no pun intended, preview of the latter pair of pants. The"taken ins." When I said they were wide legged I was not kidding. I figured they would be better trimmed down a bit so I don't lose any children in my pant legs during story time at the library. Somewhat a la Mother Ginger in the Nutcracker.

Picture from:

Well, here is a very impromptu before of the pants. I guess they're not quite Mother Ginger proportions...but close!