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Friday, August 8, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || Food

How's that for an alliteration?
Our fridge has been on the fritz for a month and can't be fixed. ;) (FYI don't buy Whirlpool.) Their customer service  even told our appliance repairman over the phone that he soldered something wrong and that's why the fridge wouldn't work after waiting two weeks for the parts to come in. Just one look at their facebook page shows that repairmen all over the country must be soldering things wrong...or something is wrong with the refrigerators Whirlpool manufactures. Hmm...oh well. Thankfully, Lowes gave us a loaner fridge in the meantime. Grocery shopping will happen tomorrow after the new fridge is delivered, however there was the slight issue of what to have for dinner tonight. Some sort of take out was the plan.

I worked all day at the library today and was pretty hungry. I looked in all of the cabinets and saw about half a box of spaghetti. Alfredo was the first thing that popped into my mind. I used Dawn Carter's Quick and Easy Alfredo  Sauce recipe from It just so happened that we still had all of the ingredients even with shopping day tomorrow!

It was delicious! And very quick and easy to make, just like the recipe says it is! We had some leftover mushrooms from part of another recipe. My mom suggested I add those to the alfredo which was a fantastic idea! I also added a can of chicken and heated up some beets and we had a quick, easy, and delicious dinner!