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Monday, December 8, 2014


Well, after about an 8 week break, I'm back. The reason from my long break? I got married! 

I was in a long distance relationship for 5 years and engaged for just under two months. We had actually talked about getting married less than one month after we started dating and both agreed that we would want a short engagement if we decided to get married some day. God's timing is certainly best. We never would have thought that after waiting 5 years to get engaged that we would be married less than two months afterwards. 

Following the wedding I moved more than 300 miles, so I'm still trying to get my bearings straight here, but there are a few posts in the works. I sewed my wedding dress from Edelweiss Pattern's Liesl's Party Dress. I added wedding/love Bible verses to the backs of index card sized painting of bluebirds that are pictured in another post on here, and there may be a tutorial for a blue bird banner.

The past few months have been an incredible journey and I'm very excited to share some of that with all of you in the upcoming posts!

I'm still planning on keeping my Tuesday and Friday schedule, so please subscribe and check back for new posts! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

I'll Be Back

You read that title in Arnold Schwarzenegger's voice, didn't you?

Hello, I'm still around.  Well, not here at the moment. I have been very busy but it's going to be about another six (plus or minus a couple) weeks of silence and then I plan to be posting regularly again.  

If you're interested, I did write a guest post for Paige over at Sunday Best and All the Rest: Style for Real Life. So if you've missed me you can go check out that post on her blog and you should definitely take a look at the rest of her blog while you're over there!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Checking In

For months I had been planning on blogging while my nephew was here and that obviously didn't happen. I'm sorry, but not sorry and not in a rude way.

The past couple of weeks I really had hoped to blog. Meeting my first nephew for the first time for his first birthday was amazing! He lives 3,000 miles away so I just soaked up every minute! Every cuddle, every coo, every squeal, and every smile. There were so many smiles!

Thank you all for being so understanding. Things should be back to normal here on the blog by next Tuesday.

A while ago I was nominated for the Liebster Award again by Paige of Style For Real Life and Ireland of Ireland Rhea, so here are their questions and my answers. :)

Paige's Questions

1) What is the long term goal for your blog?
Honestly, I would hope that even more people would enjoy it and give comments and suggestions, etc. on my posts, but one long term goal I may take some flack for is wanting to be able to pay at least one bill (aka medicine) with the income from people clicking on ads. That would be great mainly because I know blogging is something I can do if I have a UC flare and can't actually get to work.

2) What have you enjoyed the most about blogging so far?
I LOVE being able to write about things I enjoy and love seeing the comments from people who enjoy reading my posts! :) 

3) Peanut butter + chocolate or mint + chocolate?
Mint and chocolate, no contest!!

4) For your birthday, would you rather have your mom or sister 
cook you special meal or go out to eat?
We usually order Chinese food, so it's kind of a combo of the two. No family member cooks for me, but we don't go out. 

5) Series or stand alone books?
I enjoy series, but I don't read much and often go long stretches between books.

6) What version of the Bible do you prefer?
I have an NKJV teen study Bible that I LOVE! Currently reading NIV though. 

7) Do you journal your studies in scripture?
No, but I do quite a bit of underlining and a little writing in the margins of my Bible.

8) If you were to host a period costume event, what era would it be?
Either 1860s or 1940s.

9) Do you spend your day in bare feet, socks, or shoes?
Mostly socks if I'm just around the house.

10) If you could have a gift card to any clothing store, including online, what would it be for? Eshakti, I think.

11) If I were to visit you in your hometown, what would be the first place you'd want me to see? The library! It's so cool!

Ireland's Questions

1. What is your eye color?

2. How do you feel about pink?
I don't mind it. I have had both a bright pink (by choice at age 13) and a pale pink (color it was when we moved in) room. Though just before we moved I had repainted my room to a light blue/gray.

3. Are you a techie?
No, I am a strong believer in googling to solve tech problems though.

4. What's your life philosophy?
John 3:16

5. How would you describe yourself in three words?
I'm just me. :)

6. Do you have Netflix?

7. What was the last thing you ate?
Crunch Berries Cereal.

8. Out of anyone in the world (survival experts excluded), who would you choose to be stranded on an island with?
Hm....this is such a difficult one. Moses? He lead a whole nation of people through the wilderness for 40 years. ;)

9. What's in your purse right now?
Wallet, gum, phone, camera. I know there's more, but I can't think of it off the top of my head.

10. What famous female figure, dead or alive, would you like to have over for tea?
I can't decide between Mary or Martha.

11. Which book character would you change lives with for a week?
Jo March.

I would like to nominate my readers who also blog for this award. I know there are a few of you whose blogs I have yet to really discover in depth. So please, feel free to post your blog name and a link in the comments!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What's in a Name?

I feel like I need a name for Tuesday posts because "Favorite Things Friday" has a name. It really it that and my unusual need to be pretty organized which has turned into more of an organized chaos as of late.


I'm beginning to accumulate my WIP pile again. I have the gargantuafghan, still nearly done, but not quite and these three beauties. Well, two. The two blue-green color projects are from pattern.

 At the top there is the lovely Glitz at the Ritz shawl which is slightly more finished than the last time I posted about it. Middle is the Kerry Shrug. Both patterns can be found on Ravelry. The bottom picture is a result of last night's efforts to crochet a realistic (for the most part) looking bluebird. I tried in both 2 and 3 dimensions. There are still a lot of changes to be made to both patterns. 

Oh, I almost forgot...I am so excited for the Medieval themed Summer Reading Program at the library! The main reason why I am so excited is because my boss asked me to sew a canopy from a pattern she bought. I get to sew at work! Which, in a way, this means I'll get paid for sewing. That makes me a professional seamstress, right? Ha, maybe not! I think I'll forgo that title until I see how this canopy turns out.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Liebster Award!

Today my blog was nominated for a Liebster Award...twice!!

The Liebster award is a fun award given to bloggers with 200 followers or less to encourage them to keep up their great work and to help others to discover those lesser known blogs. Thank you to both Ireland from Ireland Rhea and Paige from Sunday Best and All the Rest for nominating my blog!


Liebster Award Rules-if you choose to participate:)
Acknowledge the blog that nominated you. 
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger created. 
List 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers that deserve some recognition. 
Write 11 questions for them to answer. 
Notify them they've been nominated. 

Answers to Ireland's Questions:

1. What is the one thing you do everyday, almost without fail?
The past few weeks for breakfast I've been having a plain bagel with cream cheese and either dried cranberries or apricots for breakfast. That's basically breakfast everyday unless we're out of bagels, cream cheese, or dried fruit.

2. What do you like most about where you live?
Everything is in such close proximity. I could ride a bike to both of my jobs!

3. What would you like to accomplish by the end of 2014?
It would be a lot of fun to be able to run my Etsy shop and blog full time by the end of this year, however, I know it would be a TON of hard work too. That's the goal though, if not by the end of this year then maybe next year or the year after that. We'll see what God has planned. 

4. What's the last book you read that you would HIGHLY recommend me?
The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria von Trapp is really good and very funny! She has a wonderful sense of humor and talks a lot about her family, their singing, being refugees from Austria during World War 2. She has such a charming way of telling about the experiences God led them through and the opportunities He provided for them in Austria, America, and around the world! (It's the book, that The Sound of Music is based on.)

5. Your favorite style of music?
Traditional hymns, folk music, and just about anything from the swing era. Depends on what I'm in the mood to listen to.

6. One thing about you that you want the world to know?
Galatians 6:14 

7. Quick! Pick one. Winter, spring, summer, or fall.

8. What is your view on staying healthy... inside and out?
Physically: Mainly I try to eat healthy, for the most part. My sleeping habits are not the greatest. Spiritually: make sure to set aside and spend time with The Lord and in His Word every day.

9. If your blog has to do with fashion, who is your favorite celebrity in terms of style inspiration? If your blog has nothing to do with that, then what is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
I'll answer both since I've made some fashion posts even thought I'm not strictly a fashion blogger. I don't really draw fashion ideas from one celebrity. I often draw inspiration from a lot of classic musical costumes and will try to find things that remind me of a piece of certain costumes I admire. 
I don't really watch sports, but I can sit through a baseball game if there' snorting else on tv.

10. Who do you look up to when it comes to keeping the faith?
Jesus. He understands what it is like to be human and yet never sinned.  

11. How has your relationship with God changed who you are as a person?
I became a Christian at a young age and I still have shortcomings, but I know that if I repent after I realized I've sinned, I will be forgiven. I guess my relationship with God has caused me to be more forgiving of others too.

Answers to Paige's Questions: 

1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
Definitely a night owl.

2. Do you prefer dogs, cats, both or neither?
I love both!

3. Where did you get your name?
Blog name or real name? My blog name a friend suggested to me when I posted a Facebook status asking friends to help me come up with a name. My real name is just a name my mom liked. 

4. Do you have an unusual talent?
Hm...I used to be able to put my legs over my shoulders. I haven't tried it for a very long time.

5. Would you rather show up at an event over-dressed or under-dressed?
Overdressed! I love dressing up and don't care if I'm slightly overdressed.

6. If given a choice, would you rather perform singing, dancing, or playing an instrument?
Singing. Though I would love to learn how to play my violin better.

7. What kind of job do you have (to me, this means anything from a career to getting paid to do chores around the house or babysit your siblings)? I work at a library and a craft store. I really like both my jobs!

8. What was the song you last heard? 
Probably "Gonna Fly Now" from Rocky. That's what I set to wake up to on my alarm clock at 6:30am the other day.

9. Food you last ate?
Scrambled eggs with black pepper, cheddar cheese, sausage, and artichoke heart.

10. Part of the Bible you last read? 
I just finished reading Esther yesterday.

11. Is there any quality you think the Lord is growing in you right now (e.g., patience, love, trust)? I think He's growing me in a lot of areas right now, patience is definitely one of them.

My Questions for the nominees:

1. What is your favorite pattern to work from? If you don't use patterns, have you ever made a project multiple times? 

2. Who taught you your craft(s)?

3. What do you consider your biggest crafting accomplishment?

4. How did you get into blogging?

5. Have you ever made a mistake but manage to salvage the project and make it a success?

6. Where do you find the most inspiration for the things you make?

7. Do you have an Etsy shop? If so, please post the link. :)

8. What is one craft that you would love to learn?

9. Depending on your main hobby, what is your least favorite type of fabric/yarn/paint to work with?

10. What is the longest amount of time you've spent in a craft store or browsing craft supplies online?

11.  What sort of project are you currently working on?

The girls who nominated me have blogs that focus on fashion. I do make posts about fashion, but more often my posts are about crafting so I nominated other craft bloggers for the Liebster Award. :) I'm sort of following suit nominating less than 11 bloggers. 

Ashley from Say It Ain't Sew
Megan and Rachel from The Path Less Raveled
Rebecca from Rebecca's Crochet
Judy from Sew Blessed Maw
Hana - Marmota from Marmota's Dress Diaries

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1940s Hair and Makeup Look

It's Tuesday again! Hello and thank you so much to those of you who are new followers within these past couple of weeks! Thanks to those of you who have left some lovely comments as well! 

This past week I've spent most, if not all of my crafting time knitting a shawl for my friend's birthday which is now going to be a late birthday present. While I knit or crochet I usually like to watch tv. I had gone right through seasons 1 and 2 of the Dick Van Dyke Show just after Christmas. After that I downloaded the Spotify App which I listened to endlessly for weeks finding new (to me) songs; Traditional folk songs, 1930s through 50s popular music, and beautifully arranged hymns. However, this week I decided to scan through the movie collection at the library and find some new (to me) movies. --Are you noticing a trend?-- 

I checked out some Doris Day and Deborah Kerr movies. I love makeup from the 1940s and 50s and I used to dress up every so often in my spare time. I hadn't dressed up for a few years now and the movies sort of out me in the mood to for it so I decided dressing up would be something fun to do after work and post about today! I was also inspired to do so from Katrina's recent post on her Edelweiss Patterns Blog. If you haven't heard of it yet, I highly recommend that you go take a look!

I used this YouTube tutorial as a rough guideline for my look: Historically Accurate: 1940s Makeup Tutorial
And here are the results!

The vintage dress I'm wearing is for sale in my Etsy shop! (There's a link just under the blog title.)

The make up I'm wearing is:
Maybelline Dream Matte Powder in Cream:Light 4-5
Maybelline Coverstick Concealer: Fair
Elf Eyeshadow Primer: Sheer
Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow: Not Just Nudes
Almay Eyeliner: Black Brown
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: Brownish Black
New York Color Powder Blush: Central Park Pink
Love My Lips: Creme Cherry

I'm thinking about posting a third time during the week with some sort of fun fashion thing. I figured I'd do sort of a test post today before I decide since I posted about yarn last Friday anyway. I'd love to know what you all think about that idea. Don't forget to check back this Friday for the next Favorite Things post!

Friday, January 17, 2014


I really enjoy working at a craft store! Love the fabric, love hearing all the creative ideas, love learning new tricks and techniques for various crafts, love getting the chance to network with other local crafters! 

Today I met the owner of Byhillary on Etsy. I was cutting flannel for her and we got to talking. I think she was shopping with her mom, and while Hillary went to help a customer find an item (It is SO great when a customer helps another customer when we're short handed!) I asked her mom what the material was for. She told me it as for bibdanas. Even just the name of those sounds cute!! I asked if she had a shop, which she does!  We exchanged shop info and they went on their way.

Please, go take a look at Byhillary on Etsy's facebook page and etsy shop!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

This week leading up to Christmas has certainly been a busy one, but I have to say that I am so excited to have a regular post fall on Christmas Eve! I have got to start taking notes throughout the week so I can have somewhat more organized weekly posts. (New Years resolution, hm?) 

So, happenings:
 I saw a pin on pinterest. This one actually: Sweater Restyle And made my own version. I'm not so sure I love it yet. I think maybe by spring I may learn to. 

I finished another Christmas present. It has to be mailed out no pictures yet. (Well, it is on Instagram ;) ) 

Finally, some baking. I braved the supermarket today and got some red and green chocolate chips to put on brownies and I bought a sugar cookie mix. Yeah, totally copping out this year. In the cookie department. I have got to come up with a better plan for picture taking and sweet baking next year. 

I did manage to get some pictures of making ever so festive kale chips! I had to put my ipad on a stool which is why I appear to be a giant! These were deliciously simple. Literally. They also gave me a chance to wear my Olivia Walton apron. The most time consuming part was cutting the spine out of each kale leaf. After that I just tore them into 1 to 2 inch pieces mixed it with copious amounts of olive oil, speared a layer on a parchment paper covered cookie sheet, sprinkled with salt ,and baked at 300 degrees for 16-20 minutes. very easy appetizer for Christmas! And as Lucy Ricardo says "It's so tasty too!"

Merry Christmas to you all, and I wish you a very happy and healthy new year!

Matthew 1:23 “Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a son, and they shall call his name Immanuel” (which means, God with us). 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

New Day

Besides the fact that it is just after midnight making it a new day, it is also Tuesday, the day that I will be posting here from now on. Instead of late at night on Monday. You can read the official-ish announcement here on my facebook page! And don't forget to like my page while you happen to be over there! Thank you!!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Under Contruction

Don't you hate when you go to visit a page and all you see are two dreaded words, "Under Construction" or any variant of that phrase such as "site maintinence being performed," or something like "server is down temporarily"? Well, I just tried to make a few changes to my blog via an iPad. Let me tell you, somethings are just easier via PC. 

Over the next week or so I will be digging deep into my memory for the zip folder in my brain marked Community College, under the folder 2010, subfolder Graphic Design, subfolder Web Design. (Did I get that folder rundown correct?) There will probably be many trips to multiple sites for some HTML tutorials, etc. 

The goal is for this to all come together beautifully with a slightly more relevant background to the subject matter, while still being pretty easy on your eyes, and perhaps a little more organization if I can figure all of that out.

Wish me luck! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blogosphere Extraordinaire

So, I guess I'll just start this blog by stating that I made my first little step deeper into the blogging world by commenting on someone else's blog. I'll post the link to that blog right here at the top or else my screen may not scroll down enough for me to make it a link on the blogger site. I'm on the app right now...and admittedly technology illiterate, for the most part.

Now the post:
I have spent many a rainy day  (many a sunny day, for that matter) on Google searching for craft tutorials. Mainly tutorials of the crocheting, knitting, or sewing variety. It was on one of those day that I came across the blog Crafting Makes the Heart Grow Fonder. A crafting blog with posts by two sisters.
As I read the blog over the next couple of years, I realized that one of the two sisters, as in siblings not nuns, is located somewhere around the same region where my boyfriend lives and that she was making some things to be sold at a living history farm that I visit a almost every time I'm in the area! One of the next times that I visited I went in the gift shop and saw a clothes pin bag she had made. I bought it and I love it!

Finally, quite a few months later I decided to comment on her blog and tell her my story. Apparently the cashier at the farm told her about me and I remained somewhat of a mystery for little while since I seemingly came from seven hours away to purchase something made by someone whose blog I read. Needless to say I felt kind of silly about that.

Here is the clothes pin bag. I love the fact that it looks like a little dress! It's going to get a whole lot of use at my house. My mom is the kind of person who will hang clothes out on the line until they are actually more frozen than dry!

Go check out some of the other great things made by the ladies at Crafting Makes the Heart Grow Fonder!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Etsy Expiring Listings Sale

After I posted yesterday I updated my Etsy! Five more items!

There are a few listings that are going to expire soon and they are:

Crochet Tote
Ivory Shawl
Toddler Sun Hat

The tote and shawl expire on July 30 and the hat on August 2. I've reduced the prices and these items won't be listed again for a while. Act now if you see something you like!!!

The Wizard Of Odds And Ends Etsy Shop

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One More Time...

Well, I guess I'm going to blog about what I really do now. I've tried music, posting links to my favorite songs. I tried to post one a day that fit my mood or whatever was stuck in my head. Last post will be a year ago on Thursday. Next, I tried posting about drinking tea. One flavor for every day. Yes, I wanted to try 365 flavors. But I'm not really a tea-holic or whatever. I like it...just not that much, not 365 days much.

I'm going to be a little less ambitious with this blog. It's just about crafts, drawing, knitting, crocheting, and what not. Things I post on my Etsy shop and things I just make for me. I don't know what it will be like a diary of my joys and frustrations of making something or a library of tutorials...we shall see. I don't expect to post every day, but at least once every couple of weeks at the least *knock on wood.*

Just for starters, the link... I'm still in the process of getting everything up and running again:

Wizard of Odds and Ends Etsy Shop