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Friday, December 6, 2013

Carrie Underwood Sound of Music Review Part 1

 Just so readers are aware, I have not seen the original, complete, stage version of the Sound of Music. I have read 5 books by Maria von Trapp, Agathe von Trapp's book, and Die Trapp Familie, the German movie that the Broadway show was based on. Also, This review is going to have to be in multiple parts. I am not as concise as a professional critic, and I think I have a lot more knowledge on this subject than the average critic would have, so bear with me here. I want to share some things about Maria's books and "how it really happened" along with some insight into the German movie, what I do know of the original  Broadway show, the 1965 film, and tonight's televised production.

Let's start at the very beginning: Well, actually, I had to work until 8:30 so I saw the show starting at Sixteen Going on Seventeen. We'll start from about there.

When I walked in the house there were commercials on and I asked what everyone was watching. Mom answered, "The Sound of Music." Oh yeah, that special with Carrie Underwood was on tonight,  I almost forgot, but I did want to watch out of, well let's call it slightly less than morbid curiosity. My brother looked at me and said, "The songs are all out of order." They weren't. I knew that they were doing the theatre score/routined version. I heard it right from Julie Andrews in an interview.

Alright, show's back on...

Sixteen Going On Seventeen was pretty good, and I was taking into account the entire time that this was a theatre production, theatre and TV don't usually mix. There is a certain amount of overacting, large gestures and expressions, that have to be done in theatre that just doesn't translate well onto the movie or television screen.  Unless your watching the 1998 London West End production of Oklahoma. *Amazing!!* Anyway...that roll down the hill at the end of Sixteen Going on Seventeen was less than tasteful. However, the show as a whole did not leave me walking away with a jarring feeling and questioning "How could they even do that to this show?!"

The sets and scenery of the show this evening were impressive! There were so many details. From little shrubs in the foreground of 16 Going on 17 to the picturesque mural of the mountains in the background. 

Everything was very beautiful, even the props. The newspaper with the German headline that was about the impending Anschluss (I think) was a nice touch that, along with songs that were cut from the film, added to the intentional political overtones of the theatre version.

 I only have a few qualms about the set, the fountain in the garden of the Trapp estate was slightly cartoony, and the garden in Nonnberg Abbey with giant potted shrubs just seemed so....random. But alas this is the theatre, there are no "on location" opportunities and I have never been to Nonnberg Abbey. I bet they probably do have a garden. And the light projected snow in the final scene. Yes, they're in the mountains, and yes, I could have snowed...I think this was a painfully obvious attempt to add a Christmas feeling given the fact that tonight's airing was competing with NBC's rival ABC on their cable channel, ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. But maybe I'm being too analytical.

Well done though. 4 out of 5 stars on Props, Set, and Scenery.