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Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Blues

ba ba da ba ba....
Well I had a pair of blue jeans
ba ba da ba ba
They were getting kind of frayed
ba ba da ba ba
but I liked those blue jeans
ba ba da ba ba
Now they're a skirt instead
Woooooah yeah-ah-ah

In other words:

Can't believe I remembered to take this picture!
On of my favorite pairs of  jeans were starting to wear out both on the hem by the heel and on the back side. Now, I'm lazy, that's not why they were getting work there. I think this pair is about 6ish years old. That's OLD for a blue jeans!!  plus I was in school most of the time I was wearing them. Lots of sitting.  They were still in fairly good shape but i couldnt wear them because I was afraid I would hear them tear at any moment that I bent down or sat down again in them. I figures a skirt would give a little extra fabric to the back to calm my fears and then I wouldn't have to throw out an almost perfectly good pair of jeans.

No turning back now!
Okay, now this has to become a skirt.
This is the point of no return.
Extra fabric that I should have expected...but was not
expecting.  I had to figure out hoe to get rid of it without
messing upt the whole inseam part.
All pinned and ready to sew!
Finished! That was fast!
Patch I had to sew in on the weakest spot. The corners of
the back pockets were beginning to tear.
The back turned out a tiny bit  snug, but not
too bad...There's a little story about this photo
coming soon.
denim colored thread. After this project, I think I'm in love.
*Story* I am in love with the denim three I bought last night. In the picture of the back of the finished skirt there are stitches going across the back centere right at the midpoint of the pockets and you can hardly see it! That is all. PS Sorry for the mess of jumbled up pictures. I got the blues just trying to place me last night. I wasn't on my own computer, which is pretty much done for anyway and, for me anyway, I think blogger's picture placing tool is not the most user friendly thing in the world. I wanted to fix it but I don't feel like getting frustrated ALL OVER AGAIN!