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Friday, January 9, 2015

Tuesday Things Friday

Friday again so soon! It has become clear to me over the past few weeks that I really need to either A) Write my Tuesday posts on some other day so all there is to do on Tuesday is click "publish." Or B) Change my Tuesday posts to some other day altogether!

Craft-wise here is what's been happening. Aprons. Going slowly. I think I'm going to try my own design for the next one. I used a pattern for this one but absolutely loathe sewing the flounce on the bottom. I'm also learning how to use my mother-in-law's Singer Inspiration sewing machine which is quite a bit different from my Brother machine. 

I love these pins! They remind me of gumballs! Yes, I am very easily amused.

There seems to be a problem with thread tension because the bottom thread keeps bunching up. It may be the bobbin too, but I won't be able to find out until I use up all the thread on my current bobbin and wind a different one. The (not so) funny thing is that the thread bunching only happens when I'm sewing in reverse. 

Here's what I've finished so far. It's only a half apron so that waistband is all that's left. Hopefully I can figure out the thread tension issue before I start the next one! I didn't realize I was still styling my wrist pincushion until after I took the picture.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pins and Needles

That's what you all wait on every Tuesday wondering when I will post. Right?
Probably not, but...

Pins and needles are actually a couple of new items I picked up recently, and threw away some old ones.

Needles:  All but one of my sewing machine needles had broken, luckily I had a brand new package on standby! The needle that broke tonight broke into three pieces. The top stayed put, the eye stayed on the thread and the center went flying and hit me right on the nose. Sometimes I think I should wear safety glasses while sewing! I couldn't find the piece that hit me in the nose when I first checked the rug. That made me feel my nose again to make sure I hadn't unintentionally given myself a new piercing. My nose was whole and I found the needle fragment a minute later.

Pins:  My needles are breaking because they're hitting the pins when I sew. They don't break too often, but wow, it is scary when they do! A straight pin, after being hit by a needle moving approximately 287934 miles per hour, starts to resemble more of a right angle than a straight line. Thus resulting in my need for a brand new box. I sat down with the pincushion, a sandwich bag, and a magnet and pulled all of the angled pins out and stuck them to the magnet in the bag and so far there have been no strays found by any barefeet.

I was out of town for most of the week but I do have some pictures of things I've been working on. A granny square afghan (hopefully) and I made my second fat quarter wrap skirt ever! There will be a post Friday with some pictures of those things. I know I am not the only one on the multi-project boat, what are some projects you have been working on?