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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Tuesday Cables || Life

Since my life has been quite busy the last few weeks, I am actually sitting here on Sunday night writing a Tuesday post. Inspiration struck early too and that always helps! Though, this is a pretty old project and not something I'm currently working on.

I was going through photos on my personal facebook page and found an old album simply titled "Art." In the album were pictures of school projects from when I was taking graphic design classes in 2011. The project that, by my own judgement, was my most creative but zaniest is my Sound of Music Themed Game of Life.

The Game of Life, well the 1990s version that I played, is a board game where you pick a brightly colored plastic station wagon about an inch long with 6 holes in the top of it. You pick a pink or blue peg person and spin the wheel in the center of the board, which may actually spin your first few tries. Various squares tell you to pick cards telling you your career, salary, and what type of house you live in, etc. There are other squares where you get married and become a parent and add more peg people to your car.

In one art class we were individually assigned a project to design a board game of our own that could be based on a real game of our choosing. I could not pass up the opportunity to create something Sound of Music themed! It ended up as more of a cross between Life and Monopoly since there were no houses to buy or careers to work. I never played it and it has since, unfortunately, gone to the town dump. 

So here it is, looking very atrocious, and with some short explanations on materials and general construction.

Chicken wire and papier-mâché is the secret. This chicken wire was bought specifically to make a papier-mâché mountain. The rest of the roll was generously donated to building an enclosure for the six chickens we had at the time. The flour and water mixture was looked up online. I'm not sure of the ratios, but it really worked well!

I have no "in progress" painting pictures. I used everything we had. Acrylics, fabric paint, gouache, watercolors, and applied them with a variety of sponges, rags, and brushes. The trees are made out of trunk wraps that I cut from an artificial Christmas tree. The awful path, that's just paper. Start is on top of the mountain because that's where Maria was at the beginning of the movie. Finish is at the bottom because the von Trapps (in the movie, anyway) climbed over the mountains to escape the Nazis.

An Edelwiess flower was a theme carried throughout the game, featured on the path, the cards, and as the game pieces. The yellow building that looks like it's going to topple down the mountain is Mondsee Cathedral, where the wedding in the movie took place, and the orange building is Nonnberg Abbey.

A closer view. They're no where near perfect, but I think I was very near crazy to build these out of cereal boxes and make them even this detailed!

Land on a Edelwiess flower, pick an Edelweiss card. Land on a space with a red dash, pick the card with the red writing, and same with the blue dash and blue writing. Red was bad, blue was good. I don't remember the significance of the music note spaces anymore.

Close up of the game pieces and some entertaining game spaces. "Arrive to Abbey late. Lose a turn.", "Teach children to sing.", "Sing to children during thunderstorm.", "Late to dinner.", "Marry Captain von Trapp." I was probably working on this during hours when the majority of the population in my time zone was asleep.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorite Things Friday || Specialty Yarns

Ah, specialty yarns. I love them....and I don't. While I don't actually have many, they few I do have are the reason why my yarn stash will never be depleted. I have one pink "yarn" that is almost a fabric in it's own right, made up of a bunch of pink and white threads all woven together. It's just a few yards of left overs from a project but it is so pretty I just can't bring myself to throw it away!

My biggest pet peeve has got to be eyelash yarns. I have two of those. Not long after I started crocheting years ago I bought them very cheap at a discount store. I have yet to find a project for either. Hmm that's an idea for later. I really like the sherbet colored eyelash yarn that I have, but the spacing for each color is so small that there's barely enough room for more than a couple of stiches in one color before it switches to the next. The end result always ends up as more of a muddy mess of color than anything else.

Well, what do I love about specialty yarn. A lot! The right one for the right price can be amazing. Baby yarns (ha, not the technical term!) are so soft and amazing to work with. I wouldn't mind a closet full of sweaters and scarves made from baby yarn.  Hand spun natural wool is just so interesting to look at with all of the variety in texture and width when it's spun just a little too loose or too tight. Sock yarn is so versatile! I'm not sure there's anything you can't make with sock yarn. I'm sure there are so many, many yarns that I haven't mentioned. Perhaps I'll come back to this subject in the future and we'll see if I've made anything from my eyelash yarn by then.

What are your favorite specialty yarns? 
Have you ever made anything with specialty yarns? I'd love to see pictures! feel free to post them on my facebook page! Just click the facebook link at the top of the page.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Terrific Tuesday!

Well, well, just scratch what I said yesterday about "never" having to work on Tuesday afternoon. I forgot to knock on wood. Ha! Today I volunteered to cover for someone who went home sick. It is now 10pm and I've only been home for about an hour. I just finished dinner and, as you may have guessed, have made no further progress on skirt alterations.

Now, an announcement: I'm starting another project. Surprise! I have been wanting to do one of those "one granny square a day for a year" things for a while now but planned on beginning January 1st. Click here to see where I got the idea! It just so happens that someone returned a book today that I immediately checked in and then checked out to myself. (One of the perks of working at a library.) I think there is just enough time to finish a square tonight before I drift off to dreamland in preparation for another 9 hour day tomorrow. Hm...I still have to find 315 more square patterns. Hopefully my night is not swallowed up by becoming lost in a Pinterest vortex.

I'm kind of thinking these posts may become daily, as time permits, over the next 365 days. I'm excited to begin this project!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Slow and Steady Wins the Race...Right?

Well, Here's my facebook page status: "I've been out of town visiting friends. I brought a small crochet project with me but caught a bad cold literally on my 7 hour trip down to visit! So I have not been working on any projects big or small for the past week!! Hence why there hasn't been an update either."

 It seems like I'm always taking two steps forward and one and a HALF steps back! This crafting jazz is certainly not my main income so I try to work at it whenever I do have a day off from work or even just a spare hour or so. I just love working with my hands and if I'm at an interesting part of a pattern that is fun to work through and not frustrating to figure out then it is an AWESOME de-stresser (which spell check says isn't a word no matter how I type it, but I know I've heard it before. Oh well.) and my brain likes the exercise, haha. If I am sick then I tend not to work on projects. I'm prone to sinus headaches when I catch a cold or my allergies act up. Not. fun. at. all.

 The "small project" that I brought with me is a sock yarn bag. It's pretty nifty looking with such a thin yarn and tiny stitches. I really like how it's turning out. However, this project poses a small challenge for me. I have to make two of the sides. The pattern is incredibly simple so it works fast, but I just get bored with having to do the same thing twice. I don;t think this one will be quite as much of an issue as some projects have been because I do like the way it's looking so far and I'm excited to see it finished.

--If you're curious about the blanket, it's not finished yet either. It's looking pretty good though so I am getting very excited about finishing that up and posting it on Etsy! I also apologize for the lack of pictures these last couple of posts. I promise a good one as soon as I'm home.