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Sunday, July 8, 2012

I've Been Working on My Etsy...

Four new listings today. Two handmade items and two vintage items. Go take a look! :)

Here's a little sneak peek too:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thoughts of a Saleslady

(Warning: This is sort of cheesy.)

Midnight, listening to an old Jimmy Stewart radio show. I just finished a custom listing for an Etsy customer. I'm happy that I'll be making a sale, it's exciting to make something that you know someone else will enjoy. I'm always anxious before they receive it though, wondering if they'll change their mind, whether or not the mail will get lost, and if they'll like it when they have it in their own hands...among other things. Yes, I do confess that I'm a worrier.

There's a conversation that comes to my mind that I had with another artist friend not too long ago. We talked about how we really enjoy creating our art, and it's so nice to find out when someone else likes it enough to want to buy it from you. That's when you start to see the flaws really stand out. All the small things that nobody would notice unless you told them. It gives you a nervous excitement when you send it off to the customer, knowing that your art isn't perfect, at least not in your own eyes, and you almost wonder if you should stop them and tell them it's flawed and take it back.

Funny though, anything I've ever bought, it's taken me a long time to notice imperfections. When I do see them they become endearing, something that makes the item like no other, something that makes it mine. It's kind of nice to own something someone else put work into, put life into, I guess. It's so nice, so enjoyable, even with the little imperfections.

Cheesy, I know, but you were warned.

Monday, April 9, 2012


I still have seven things in my shop. of course I am aware that it can take months for things to sell, but it's exciting to check my shop just to see if anything has happened. It's sort of like what Jo March says about trying to sell her writing in Little Women, "Money...but it's not only that. there's a sort of nervous feeling. I like it." She goes on to talk about how people she doesn't even know will read and enjoy her stories. Ha, the money certainly does help, being fresh out of college and having school loans sitting over my head like a big gray cloud. But I just love making things and trying to sell them so that people I don't even know can enjoy them. It is very exciting.

Now, progress, or lack thereof:

A BIG HUGE afghan made in little tiny strips. Sewing the strips together proved to be very, very, very time consuming. (Not that I didn't get distracted while in the process) After putting together only one and a half rows, I think I'm going to attach the strips together another way. Which I'm going to try just as soon as this is posted...and as soon as I find the pattern booklet.

The ends of my size 9 feet are in the picture for a little reference to how big this unfinished pile of afghan is and I also need to mention that it is inside a deep bag...somewhat similar to Mary Poppins' carpet bag.